Gemef Industries

Coated Cereals

CRACRIZ Coated Cereals offer a wide range of tastes, flavours and visual appearances together with improved crunchiness.
GEMEF manufactures products with the optimal quality for sugar of chocolate coating so as to meet specific requirements for ice creams or yoghurts.

The Cracriz Coated Cereal range is suitable for coating and sugarising because of :
Improved sphericity
Enhanced resistance to breaking
Constant shape and size of the nucleus
Decreasing of the surface porousness giving a smoother appearance
Controlled density
Optimised micro-alveolate structure of the nucleus

Due to their crunchiness and chocolate or fruit flavours, Cracriz coated cereals will be a welcome addition to any ice cream.

Chocolate Production
Hazel nut or caramel coated Cracriz give a pleasant taste to chocolate.

Biscuit Manufacturing
Biscuit and chocolate coated Cracriz combinations allow you to create innovative products with which to tempt your customers.

Yoghurts And Desserts
Coated Cracriz lend cereals, fibre, texture and overall rich flavours. They make an ideal dietetic complement. Generally they are packed in an accompanying pot attached to the product lid.

Ice Creams
An original combination of crunchiness and flavours for dressings and toppings. Gemef has invented a Bi-Coated Cracriz which still retains its crunchiness even in ice cream.

Crunchy Cereals

Chocolate Manufacturing
Cracriz crunchy cereals will lighten your product, increase volume, lower calorie content, give a light and crispy texture and a delicious taste. Complementing chocolate on a dietetic basis and reducing costs, Cracriz is a perfect basis for crispy rice bars, chocolate bars or coated items, crunchy fillings and spreading cream.

Biscuit Production
Particularly valuable for their crunchiness, Cracriz will give volume to your biscuit. Their low granulometry allows for easy blending after the kneading process. They are also suitable for use with chocolate as a biscuit coating.

Cereal Bars
Cracriz will give you creativity and flexibility essential for developing your products. Rice, wheat, corn, oats, barley and rye in an infinite diversity of crunchiness, shapes, textures, tastes and densities which will blend perfectly well, the volume of your final product.

Breakfast Cereals And Mueslis
Cracriz are valued for their nutritional content and will adapt remarkably well to your own specific requirements. Strict control over volume and density and diversity of crunchiness will allow you to create high quality, innovative products.

Ice Creams
Cracriz make an ideal accompaniment to milk products, giving a light and crunchy texture. They offer you a unique world of flavours, tastes and textures for chocolate coating, as well as for toppings or even mixed in the ice cream itself.

Yoghurts And Desserts
Plan or coated Cracriz are very versatile and allow you to meet customer demand whilst offering a diversity of innovative tastes and textures.

About Gemef

GEMEF Industries was inherited from Grandes Minoteries à Fèves de France which was founded itself by Alexandre BASSOT in 1860 in Burgundy the birthplace of Faba bean production in the 19th century.

As early as the seventies the Company hab been involved with two new technologies: air classifying and extrusion. In eighties GEMEF developed an innovative range of crunchy products under the trade mark "CRACRIZ"

Today, GEMEF Industries, quality control ISO 9001 certified, invests in product data processing.GEMEF Industries is an acknowledged manufacturer of food ingredients derived from cereals ingredients designed for millers and industrial bakers as well as producers of chocolate, confectionnary, ice cream, milk, biscuit and muesli products.